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AILF2016: Online is On Line

Dear Speakers

Please find below the session details:---

Sunday 3.45 to 4.15 : Session: Online is On Line: Impact of growing online readership on printed Contents

(Falguni Vasavada, Abnish Singh Chauhan, Sanket  Moderated by Sahradayi) This session is sponsored by


Brief Synopsis :Advent of online reading devices like Kindles and various Apps have made impact on the reading habits of the readers and also affected the printed contents.Is it going to help the printed contents positively or will be detrimental to their growth?


Moderator’s Line of Discussion

1.                  Has it really affected the printed contents?

2.                  Publishing industry and distributing agencies also seems to be doing good despite the explosion of online content. So what is the real scenario?

3.                  What is the importance of online magazines like Pratilipi in growing the readers?

4.                  Printed content and online content are complementing each other in growth.

In case of any clarification, please do call or write to us.

Thanks and Regards

Umashanker Yadav

Festival Director

Ahmedabad International Literature Festival

( An Ikon Education Foundation Initiative )


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