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Submission Guidelines


International Journal of Higher Education and Research (IJHER) is an international multi-disciplinary research journal published online by New Media Srijan Sansar Global Foundation. It is a peer-reviewed, refereed and open access e-journal devoted to all subjects/ streams of higher education and research to be useful for all the scholars, academecians, scientists and researchers of different fields.

  • The journal publishes original manuscripts/ research papers, reviews (by invitation only), short communications, technical notes and book reviews. 
  • Manuscript/ research papers should be in English language only. It must be typed double spaced on A4 paper with wide margins.
  • Submission of manuscripts/ research papers implies that the results reported have not been previously published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
  • The title of the manuscript/ research paper should be concise and informative followed by author’s full name, professional affiliation and address, along with abstracts within 100-250 words.
  • Each manuscript/ research paper should have two to eight keywords.
  • Illustrations and figures should be clear and of suitable size for photographic reproduction. They should be drawn boldly on white board.
  • Tables should be typed on separate pages, numbered serially with complete caption.
  • Short communications should be continuous till reference at the end of the paper.
  • All the manuscripts/ research papers submitted will be peer-reviewed before accepting for publication.
  • After the review, the proof will be sent to the author for acceptance. In multiple authors' case, mention the name of corresponding author (s).
  • The manuscripts/ research papers, articles or reviews contained in the journal carry the opinion and views of the contributors only, not of the Advisory, Editorial Board or Editors, etc. The Advisory, the Editorial Board or the Editors shall not be responsible for the authenticity and legal issues regarding the submitted  papers. The entire responsibility shall lie with the author(s) of the manuscripts/ research papers, reviews or case studies.
  • The text should be divided for full papers into well defined sections, such as Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgement (if required) and References. The pattern of citation in the text and in references should be as per the followings:



(a) In text: For single author Tiwari (2008) or in multiple authors it should be Tiwari et al., (2009).


(b) For Journal Reference: Chauhan, A. (2010). Photosynthetic pigment changes in some selected trees induced by automobile exhaust in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. New York Science Journal, 3(2), 45-51.


Padmanabha, B. and Belagali, S.L. (2008). Ostracods as indicators of pollution in the lakes of Mysore. Journal of Environmental Biology, 29(5), 711-714.


Ramakrishnaiah, C.R., Sadashivalah, C. and Ranganna, G. (2009). Assessment of water quality index for the groundwater in Tumkur Taluk, Karnataka State. Indian J. Chem., 6, 523-530.


(c) For book Reference: Chauhan, Abnish Singh (2006). Speeches of Swami Vivekananda and Subhash Chandra Bose: A Critical Study. Prakash Book Depot, Bareilly, UP.


(d) For Thesis Reference: Chauhan, A. (2009). Ph.D Thesis at University of Gurukula Kangri University. “Assessment and Impact of Different Air Pollutants on Few Crops of Two Selected Sites Around District Hardwar."


Submission Deadlines:


October 15 (For Jan Issue)

April 15 (For July Issue)


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